Isoselective 3,4-(co)polymerization of bio-renewable myrcene using NSN-ligated rare-earth metal precursor: an approach to a new elastomer
作者:Liu, B ; Li, L; Sun, GP ; Liu, DT ; Li, SH ; Cui, DM
关键字:ring-opening polymerization; rac-lactide; complexes bearing; coordination polymerization; methylene butyrolactones

The polymerization of bio-renewable myrcene (MY), using a cationic beta-diimidosulfonate lutetium catalyst in high activity, afforded an unprecedented isotactic 3,4-polymyrcene (PMY) with a low T-g (-42 degrees C). Based on this result, the random and block copolymerization of myrcene and isoprene (IP) resulted in novel elastomers that comprise the amorphous iso-3,4-PMY and iso-3,4-PIP sequences.