Neutral binuclear rare-earth metal complexes with four mu(2)-bridging hydrides
作者:Rong, WF ; He, DL ; Wang, MY; Mou, ZH; Cheng, JH ;Yao, CG ; Li, SH ;Trifonov, AA; Lyubov, DM;Cui, DM
关键字:polyhydride complexes, ancillary ligand, cleavage,yttrium, bond,hydrosilylation

The first neutral rare-earth metal dinuclear dihydrido complexes [(NPNPN)LnH2]2 (2-Ln; Ln = Y, Lu; NPNPN: N[Ph2PNC6H3(iPr)2]2) bearing μ2-bridging hydride ligands have been synthesized. In the presence of THF, 2-Y undergoes intramolecular activation of the sp2C–H bond to form dinuclear aryl–hydride complex 3-Y containing three μ2-bridging hydride ligands.